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  1. Introduction
    • The utilization of this site confirms your acknowledgment of the terms and states of utilization set around Dojewellers. Please go through these terms and conditions precisely and print the same for your own, non-business utilization, or any future reference.
    • Peruse the terms and conditions regularly to get the most recent updates on the same.
  2. General
    • By utilizing the site, you affirm that you are no less than 18 years of age or you, in any event, have the consent or authority of your parents or guardians to do as such.
    • In the terms and conditions expressed beneath, the words; ‘we’ and ‘us’ allude to “Dojewellers”, wherein ‘You’ alludes to the individual using the website for making a purchase or browsing it.
    • We maintain whatever authority is needed to change the terms and conditions at any given point in time. Any such changes will be applicable from when they are posted on the site. It turns into your sole obligation to visit them.
    • Your use of the website would show your acknowledgment of the updated terms and conditions.
    • The pictures shown on the site may not demonstrate the genuine size of the items. All sizes, weights, and estimations are approximate and are posted to guide you.
  1. Order
    • The orders that are placed on will be liable to the acceptance of the terms and conditions.
    • On submitting (placing) the order and checking out, you are influencing an offer to accept the merchandise at the expressed cost; subject to the terms and conditions.
    • On acceptance, an order acknowledgment will be sent to you which will contain the details of the order to which you agreed to while placing the order. Be that as it may, such acknowledgment or acceptance won’t be dealt with as a binding contract and the request won’t be treated as ‘acknowledged/accepted’ for the following reasons:
      • If payment is not authorized.
      • If the partial payment is pending.
      • If the item is out of stock.
      • If there is some error on the website concerning the price amount stated on it.
      • If the order is canceled
  1. Pricing & Payment
    • The products will not be shipped until and before the full payment on the order placed is received
    • The payment will be taken at the time when the order is placed, the details of the card will be verified for security purposes by the merchant bank.
  1. Liability
    • We as a vendor should be under no liability at all in regard of any misfortune or harm emerging indirectly or directly out of the decline of the authorization for any Transaction, on Account of the Cardholder having surpassed the present limit commonly concurred by us with our procuring bank from time to time
    • We make sure that the timely delivery of the items is done to you, yet on an occasion where we can’t deliver the items because of some unexpected occasions, in such a case we might endeavor to reach you with a specific end goal to reschedule the delivery time. Dojewellers does not warrant or assure the delivery date determined in the confirmation of the order and will have no obligation to you for any misfortune, harm, costs, or other claims that you may incur because of failure of timely delivery.
    • Dojewellers’s whole and sole liability will be limited to the total price of the product by you ‘only’
    • Dojewellers is not liable to bear any loss or damage of any nature that arises because of a breach of any express or implied guarantee which includes
      1. Financial loss
      2. Personal injury
      3. Sickness
      4. Death
    • If any modifications or changes have been done on the product by a third party member who is not authorized by Dojewellers then we will not be liable to bear any defects arising as a consequence of it.
    • You must observe and comply with all the applicable and related rules, regulations, and legislation which includes all necessary customs, import, or other permits to purchase from Dojewellers’s website.
    • The import and export of the items listed on our website may be prohibited by certain national laws and we cannot be held liable concerning representation or acceptance of the import or export of the products you purchase.
    • Dojewellers reserves the right to change any data, price, content, and improvise the website at any time without prior notice.
    • Dojewellers from time to time may provide hypertext links to other websites that do not fall under our jurisdiction.
    • Making the use of these links means you are leaving the site(s) owned and operated by Dojewellers.
    • We cannot take any responsibilities, guarantee or represent the websites that are hyperlinked by us on our website.
    • These Terms and Conditions do not affect your statutory rights.
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